SEO Tools

Website Worth Calculator

With the help of this tool you can find out the approximate worth of any site. Website worth depends on many factors (Google PR, revenue from ads, domain age, etc.).

Check Website Ranking

With the help of this tool you can check Google PageRank (measure of the "importance" of the page in the formation of search results) of any site.

Alexa Checker

This tool displays the statistics of the analyzed site: traffic, page views, time spent on site, etc.

Whois Lookup Tool

With the help of this tool you can explore Whois information about any domain. Whois provides registration information about the analyzed website.

Reverse Ip Address Lookup

This tool allows you to find out which sites are located on the same server (IP address).

Server Location Lookup

This tool allows to determine the location of the server that hosts the analyzed site, by means of Google Maps.

Server Speed Test

This tool allows determine how fast the analyzed site will load in a browser.

Html Tag Counter

This tool is intended for counting of HTML tags of the analyzed web page, size of the page, the number of internal and external links, JS scripts, frames, objects and images.

Get HTTP Headers

This tool shows all HTTP headers and their meanings. HTTP is a set of POST-GET rules, determining the interaction and exchange of data between the client and the server.

Server Status Tool

This tool allows to determine the HTTP status code of a server. By response code it is possible to know about the results of the query.

Encode And Decode Url

This tool is designed to convert the URL both in the standard form, and for the conversion from the encoded format.

Base64 Encode And Decode

This tool is designed to convert the information into the 64-bit code and back. Such code is widely used in the e-mail applications to transfer binary data (images, files).